Definition of Advanced


  • situated ahead or going before
    "an advance party"
    "at that time the most advanced outpost was still east of the Rockies"
    - in advance
  • (of societies) highly developed especially in technology or industry
    "advanced societies"
    "an advanced country technologically"
  • far along in time
    "a man of advanced age"
    "advanced in years"
    "a ripe old age"
    "the ripe age of 90"
  • ahead in development
    complex or intricate
    "advanced technology"
    "a sophisticated electronic control system"
  • at a higher level in training or knowledge or skill
    "an advanced degree"
    "an advanced text in physics"
    "special seminars for small groups of advanced students at the University"
  • ahead of the times
    "the advanced teaching methods"
    "had advanced views on the subject"
    "a forward-looking corporation"
    "is British industry innovative enough?"
    - forward looking
  • comparatively late in a course of development
    "the illness had reached an advanced stage"
    "an advanced state of exhaustion"
  • farther along in physical or mental development
    "the child's skeletal age was classified as `advanced'"
    "children in the advanced classes in elementary school read far above grade average"
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