Definition of Dreadful


  • very unpleasant
  • exceptionally bad or displeasing
    "atrocious taste"
    "abominable workmanship"
    "an awful voice"
    "dreadful manners"
    "a painful performance"
    "terrible handwriting"
    "an unspeakable odor came sweeping into the room"
  • causing fear or dread or terror
    "the awful war"
    "an awful risk"
    "dire news"
    "a career or vengeance so direful that London was shocked"
    "the dread presence of the headmaster"
    "polio is no longer the dreaded disease it once was"
    "a dreadful storm"
    "a fearful howling"
    "horrendous explosions shook the city"
    "a terrible curse"
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