Definition of Focus


  • a fixed reference point on the concave side of a conic section
  • a point of convergence of light (or other radiation) or a point from which it diverges
    - focal point
  • special emphasis attached to something
    "the stress was more on accuracy than on speed"
  • a central point or locus of an infection in an organism
    "the focus of infection"
    - focal point
  • maximum clarity or distinctness of an idea
    "the controversy brought clearly into focus an important difference of opinion"
  • maximum clarity or distinctness of an image rendered by an optical system
    "in focus"
    "out of focus"
  • the concentration of attention or energy on something
    "the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology"
    "he had no direction in his life"
    - focal point


  • put (an image) into focus
    "Please focus the image
    we cannot enjoy the movie"
  • become focussed or come into focus
    "The light focused"
  • bring into focus or alignment
    to converge or cause to converge
    of ideas or emotions
  • cause to converge on or toward a central point
    "Focus the light on this image"
  • direct one's attention on something
    "Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies"
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