Definition of Lively


  • full of spirit
    "a dynamic full of life woman"
    "a vital and charismatic leader"
    "this whole lively world"
    - full of life
  • filled with events or activity
    "a lively period in history"
  • elastic
    rebounds readily
    "clean bouncy hair"
    "a lively tennis ball"
    "as resilient as seasoned hickory"
    "springy turf"
  • quick and energetic
    "a brisk walk in the park"
    "a lively gait"
    "a merry chase"
    "traveling at a rattling rate"
    "a snappy pace"
    "a spanking breeze"
  • full of zest or vigor
    "a racy literary style"
  • full of life and energy
    "a lively discussion"
    "lively and attractive parents"
    "a lively party"
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