Definition of Meeting


  • a place where things merge or flow together (especially rivers)
    "Pittsburgh is located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers"
  • the act of joining together as one
    "the merging of the two groups occurred quickly"
    "there was no meeting of minds"
    - coming together
  • the social act of assembling for some common purpose
    "his meeting with the salesmen was the high point of his day"
    - coming together
  • a casual or unexpected convergence
    "he still remembers their meeting in Paris"
    "there was a brief encounter in the hallway"
  • a small informal social gathering
    "there was an informal meeting in my living room"
    - get together
  • a formally arranged gathering
    "next year the meeting will be in Chicago"
    "the meeting elected a chairperson"
    - group meeting
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