Definition of Natural


  • (craps) a first roll of 7 or 11 that immediately wins the stake
  • a notation cancelling a previous sharp or flat
  • someone regarded as certain to succeed
    "he's a natural for the job"


  • free from artificiality
    "a lifelike pose"
    "a natural reaction"
  • being talented through inherited qualities
    "a natural leader"
    "a born musician"
    "an innate talent"
  • related by blood
    not adopted
  • (used especially of commodities) being unprocessed or manufactured using only simple or minimal processes
    "natural yogurt"
    "natural produce"
    "raw wool"
    "raw sugar"
    "bales of rude cotton"
  • unthinking
    prompted by (or as if by) instinct
    "a cat's natural aversion to water"
    "offering to help was as instinctive as breathing"
  • (of a musical note) being neither raised nor lowered by one chromatic semitone
    "a natural scale"
    "B natural"
  • functioning or occurring in a normal way
    lacking abnormalities or deficiencies
    "it's the natural thing to happen"
    "natural immunity"
    "a grandparent's natural affection for a grandchild"
  • existing in or in conformity with nature or the observable world
    neither supernatural nor magical
    "a perfectly natural explanation"
  • existing in or produced by nature
    not artificial or imitation
    "a natural pearl"
    "natural gas"
    "natural silk"
    "natural blonde hair"
    "a natural sweetener"
    "natural fertilizers"
  • in accordance with nature
    relating to or concerning nature
    "a very natural development"
    "our natural environment"
    "natural science"
    "natural resources"
    "natural cliffs"
    "natural phenomena"
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