Definition of Redundant


  • repetition of same sense in different words
    "`a true fact' and `a free gift' are pleonastic expressions"
    "the phrase `a beginner who has just started' is tautological"
    "at the risk of being redundant I return to my original proposition"- J.B.Conant
  • more than is needed, desired, or required
    "trying to lose excess weight"
    "found some extra change lying on the dresser"
    "yet another book on heraldry might be thought redundant"
    "skills made redundant by technological advance"
    "sleeping in the spare room"
    "supernumerary ornamentation"
    "it was supererogatory of her to gloat"
    "delete superfluous (or unnecessary) words"
    "extra ribs as well as other supernumerary internal parts"
    "surplus cheese distributed to the needy"
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  • Scrabble® score of the redundant (11)
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