Definition of Secure


  • furnish with battens
    "batten ships"
    - batten down
  • fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug
    "plug the hole"
    "stop up the leak"
    - stop up
  • make certain of
    "This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us"
    "Preparation will guarantee success!"
  • assure payment of
  • cause to be firmly attached
    "fasten the lock onto the door"
    "she fixed her gaze on the man"
  • get by special effort
    "He procured extra cigarettes even though they were rationed"


  • financially sound
    "a good investment"
    "a secure investment"
  • immune to attack
    incapable of being tampered with
    "an impregnable fortress"
    "fortifications that made the frontier inviolable"
    "a secure telephone connection"
    - unattackable
  • not likely to fail or give way
    "the lock was secure"
    "a secure foundation"
    "a secure hold on her wrist"
  • free from danger or risk
    "secure from harm"
    "his fortune was secure"
    "made a secure place for himself in his field"
  • free from fear or doubt
    easy in mind
    "he was secure that nothing will be held against him"
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