Definition of Strain


  • the act of singing
    "with a shout and a song they marched up to the gates"
  • an intense or violent exertion
  • an effortful attempt to attain a goal
  • the general meaning or substance of an utterance
    "although I disagreed with him I could follow the tenor of his argument"
  • injury to a muscle (often caused by overuse)
    results in swelling and pain
  • (biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups
    "a new strain of microorganisms"
    - var.
  • a special variety of domesticated animals within a species
    "he experimented on a particular breed of white rats"
    "he created a new strain of sheep"
  • (psychology) nervousness resulting from mental stress
    "his responsibilities were a constant strain"
    "the mental strain of staying alert hour after hour was too much for him"
    - mental strain - nervous strain
  • a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence
    "she was humming an air from Beethoven"
    - melodic line - melodic phrase
  • difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension
    "she endured the stresses and strains of life"
    "he presided over the economy during the period of the greatest stress and danger"- R.J.Samuelson
  • (physics) deformation of a physical body under the action of applied forces


  • alter the shape of (something) by stress
    "His body was deformed by leprosy"
  • rub through a strainer or process in an electric blender
    "puree the vegetables for the baby"
  • remove by passing through a filter
    "filter out the impurities"
    - separate out - filter out
  • become stretched or tense or taut
    "the bodybuilder's neck muscles tensed
    " "the rope strained when the weight was attached"
  • cause to be tense and uneasy or nervous or anxious
    "he got a phone call from his lawyer that tensed him up"
    - tense up
  • separate by passing through a sieve or other straining device to separate out coarser elements
    "sift the flour"
  • use to the utmost
    exert vigorously or to full capacity
    "He really extended himself when he climbed Kilimanjaro"
    "Don't strain your mind too much"
  • test the limits of
    "You are trying my patience!"
  • to exert much effort or energy
    "straining our ears to hear"
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