What are the boggle rules? How to play Boggle? How many people is Boggle played with?

Parker published the brain game Boggle with letters and words in 1978 and a new edition came in 2004. A good age to play it is from 8 years and can be played with any number of players. This alphabet soup is also available in a version for the youngest players.

Boggle Instructions and Rules

Game Equipment

  • 1 hourglass
  • 16 Boggle dice with letters
  • 1 Boggle field
  • Everyone also needs a pen and paper

Game Preparation

First you decide how long you want to play the game. This can be, for example, a number of certain rounds or up to a certain number of points.

How the Game is Played

Place the 16 Boggle cubes in the lid and then place the Boggle box on top. Then one player shakes the box vigorously and places it on the table. During this action, the dice fall into the compartments provided. If not all the dice are in the compartments, the player may shake the box again. Now one player takes the lid off and the next turns the hourglass and the game can begin. All players take their turn at the same time when the hourglass is running. Now each player tries to find and write down many words on the 16 dice. As soon as the hourglass runs out, the round ends.

Rules for the Word Search

  • A word must consist of at least three letters.
  • The word can be read horizontally, vertically or even diagonally.
  • The same letter may only appear once in a word.
  • Words that can be found in the English dictionary as well as numbers, verbs, plurals and adjectives are allowed.
  • Names of cities, rivers or countries are also allowed.
  • A word within a word also counts, e.g. Gel in Angel or allow in fallow.
  • Hyphenated words, proper names, first names, apostrophes and abbreviations are not allowed.


When the hourglass has run out, no more words may be written down and the scoring begins. Everyone in turn reads out their words. If the words already exist, they are crossed out and only the words that exist once are scored.

If the word has 3 or 4 letters you get 1 point and if it has 5 letters you get 2 points. If you get 6, you get 3 points and if you get 7, you get 5 points. You get 11 points if you have 8 or more letters together.

End of Boggle

When the agreed playing time or the agreed sum of points has been reached, the game ends. If you have agreed on the rounds, then the winner is the one with the most points or, if the number of points has been set, the one with the most points.

Variations of Boggle

It is also possible to play Boggle alone. The player tries to find many words and also writes them down.


If you find a word that has several meanings, you still only get one point for it.