An anagram is a word that is created by rearranging the letters of another word. What is an anagram?

If a meaningful word is transformed into another meaningful word, this is a real anagram (Angel - Glean). However, anagrams can often be incomprehensible or nonsense. By changing the order of the letters, riddles or coded messages can be written. Such anagrams also appear in everyday life: When someone writes mistypes on the keyboard, an incomprehensible anagram often results.

Solving an anagram

Anagrams occur when the order of the letters in a word is changed so that it cannot be read or understood at first glance. To solve an anagram, the order of the letters must be changed so that a meaningful word is created. But this often takes a long time. You can therefore also look for typical letter combinations.

Writing anagrams yourself: tips and examples

At school, you sometimes have to write anagrams yourself. The most important thing is not to forget any letter of a meaningful word. In addition, the following tips should be observed:

Use short words

The shorter a word is from which an anagram is to be made, the easier it is to solve. A very long word can also be divided into several short words, for example:

  • DUSTY - Study

Capitalize the first letters

It is also helpful if the first letter of the old word is capitalized. When solving the anagram, you can immediately see with which letter the word you are looking for must begin.

nighT - Thing

Embedding anagrams in questions or sentences

If the anagram is integrated into a question or a sentence, it is easier to solve. By using an article, for example, it is already clear which gender the word must-have. Sometimes typical usages in the sentence also help:

What is a CAR? - Arc

The ANTHPEEL a large animal that lives in the savannah. - Elephant