Definition of Indirect


  • not as a direct effect or consequence
    "indirect benefits"
    "an indirect advantage"
  • extended senses
    not direct in manner or language or behavior or action
    "making indirect but legitimate inquiries"
    "an indirect insult"
    "doubtless they had some indirect purpose in mind"
    "though his methods are indirect they are not dishonest"
    "known as a shady indirect fellow"
  • descended from a common ancestor but through different lines
    "cousins are collateral relatives"
    "an indirect descendant of the Stuarts"
  • not direct in spatial dimension
    not leading by a straight line or course to a destination
    "sometimes taking an indirect path saves time"
    "you must take an indirect course in sailing"
  • having intervening factors or persons or influences
    "reflection from the ceiling provided a soft indirect light"
    "indirect evidence"
    "an indirect cause"
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