Definition of Secondary


  • coil such that current is induced in it by passing a current through the primary coil
    - secondary coil - secondary winding
  • the defensive football players who line up behind the linemen


  • belonging to a lower class or rank
  • not of major importance
    "played a secondary role in world events"
  • depending on or incidental to what is original or primary
    "a secondary infection"
  • inferior in rank or status
    "the junior faculty"
    "a lowly corporal"
    "petty officialdom"
    "a subordinate functionary"
    - junior grade - lower ranking
  • being of second rank or importance or value
    not direct or immediate
    "the stone will be hauled to a secondary crusher"
    "a secondary source"
    "a secondary issue"
    "secondary streams"
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