Definition of Super


  • a caretaker for an apartment house
    represents the owner as janitor and rent collector


  • extremely large
    "another super skyscraper"
  • including more than a specified category
    "a super experiment"
  • of the highest quality
    "an ace reporter"
    "a crack shot"
    "a first-rate golfer"
    "a super party"
    "played top-notch tennis"
    "an athlete in tiptop condition"
    "she is absolutely tops"
    - a one - first rate - top notch


  • to an extreme degree
    "extremely cold"
    "extremely unpleasant"
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  • Scrabble® score of the super (7)
  • Word Chums® score of the super (9)
  • Words With Friends® score of the super (9)

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