Definition of Superior


  • a character or symbol set or printed or written above and immediately to one side of another character
  • a town in northwest Wisconsin on Lake Superior across from Duluth
  • the largest freshwater lake in the world
    the deepest of the Great Lakes
    - lake superior
  • a combatant who is able to defeat rivals
  • the head of a religious community
  • one of greater rank or station or quality
    - higher up


  • (often followed by `to') above being affected or influenced by
    "he is superior to fear"
    "an ignited firework proceeds superior to circumstances until its blazing vitality fades"
  • having a higher rank
    "superior officer"
    - higher ranking
  • having an orbit farther from the sun than the Earth's orbit
    "Mars and Jupiter are the closest in of the superior planets"
  • written or printed above and to one side of another character
  • (sometimes followed by `to') not subject to or influenced by
    "overcome by a superior opponent"
    "trust magnates who felt themselves superior to law"
  • of or characteristic of high rank or importance
    "a superior ruler"
  • of high or superior quality or performance
    "superior wisdom derived from experience"
    "superior math students"
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  • Scrabble® score of the superior (10)
  • Word Chums® score of the superior (12)
  • Words With Friends® score of the superior (12)

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