Definition of Weight


  • (statistics) a coefficient assigned to elements of a frequency distribution in order to represent their relative importance
  • a unit used to measure weight
    "he placed two weights in the scale pan"
    - weight unit
  • a system of units used to express the weight of something
    - system of weights
  • an oppressive feeling of heavy force
    "bowed down by the weight of responsibility"
  • an artifact that is heavy
  • the relative importance granted to something
    "his opinion carries great weight"
    "the progression implied an increasing weightiness of the items listed"
  • sports equipment used in calisthenic exercises and weightlifting
    it is not attached to anything and is raised and lowered by use of the hands and arms
    - free weight - exercising weight
  • the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity


  • present with a bias
    "He biased his presentation so as to please the share holders"
  • weight down with a load
    - weight down
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